“The Line is Always Long”

“The Line is Always Long”

Today I went to the post office to buy stamps to send off my postcards for my direct mail marketing. I usually order them online but I ran out and I was determined to get the remaining postcards out. I made a goal of mailing 500 postcards before December close. So I get to the post office and the line is really really long, holiday season everyone has packages to send. Of course I was determined to wait it out because I needed 500 stamps and the post office down the street had only had 100 postcard stamps when I stopped in there earlier.

Well the line got longer and longer. This man came in and yelled out in a very frustrating tone “This line is always long”. Of course I thought oh dear here we go nutt job on the line. He then speaks very low just so those of us on the back of the line could hear ” I just said that to see if anyone in the front will get off the line” Again I thought yeah he’s crazy why would the people in FRONT of us get off the line. I swear to you before I finished that thought a guy about 5 spaces ahead of me walked off the line.

Of course then I made eye contact with so called crazy man and nodded. I couldn’t believe his plan worked. It reminded me sometimes it doesn’t matter what position you are in the line the most important thing is staying on the line no matter what.

I”m off I got postcards to address and mail. Stay in the line.

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