Moving On and Making Offers Offers Offers

Moving On and Making Offers Offers Offers

So the seller I mentioned in my last post called me Thursday practically begging me to come over to see the property and verbally accepted my offer over the phone. Of course I practically flew through traffic to meet the seller with contract in hand to see the house. After going through the house taking several pics and him saying over and over he can’t wait to get rid of it he tells me he’s not set on a price yet. HUH I had already written up the contract and even contacted my hard money lender and told him about it. HUH sellers I see will drive me crazy.

I kindly asked what price would he it be happy with to which he responded he doesn’t know. I have no desire to be a pushy buyer so I kindly went over the repairs needed for the house and explained my offer and that I could close in days. He tells me someone offered him 20 something more with payments over five years.

I’m sorry but I personally don’t think that compares at all with my offer. Maybe if they offered him double over five years but just 20k more no way. My cash offer definitely tops that. That information from him kindly confirmed to me that my offer is more than fair. I thanked him for his time and told him to think my offer over again.

I was very upset leaving without a sign contract but kept reminding myself I did offer a fair price and quick closing.
I reminded myself not to get attached to houses and just keep moving moving moving and making as many offers as possible.

Wouldn’t you know it I got a call today from a seller practically begging me to buy their house. Their story was so sad and I am such an emotional person I was a wreck listening to the story. After talking to them I had to take a five minute break before doing the research on the property. I want to make an offer based on facts not on my emotions.

More to come on both these houses I am sure. I still hope to close both. I know I have high hopes but hey I must have hopes so they might as well be high.

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