How to Market Real Estate Properties and Deals

How to Market Real Estate Properties and Deals

how to market real estate properties

With the housing market being ripe with great homes for sale, it can be incredibly competitive when trying to sell a home in today’s “buyer’s market”. But with these tips for how to market real estate properties, you’ll be able to present your property in the best light and draw the maximum amount of potential buyers to your doorstep.


How to Market Real Estate Properties 101

1. Invest in a Great Photographer

This is the first and most important tip when it comes to how to market properties:  don’t just invest in a good photographer, invest in a great photographer, one who is experienced in taking high quality images of properties and who has a portfolio of impressive shots taken of different angles both inside the home and outside. The pictures of your home are what are going to be the initial “teaser” for potential buyers and are going to be what first engages them to check out your property.

how to market real estate properties


2. Sell a Story

Once the images have brought potential buyers to your site, now’s the time to start crafting a tale to tell them. While it is important to include the facts about the home in the listing (i.e. how many bedrooms and baths there are, the square footage, and so on) the homes that tap into a buyer’s emotional side are the ones that move the fastest and at the best price. If you’re familiar with keywords and post a listing online, you’ll exponentially improve your chances of making a quick and profitable sale. Which brings us to our next point:


3. Get Internet Savvy

It isn’t enough to throw your ad on Craigslist to sell your home. With 92% of buyers using the Internet to find their dream home (National Association of Realtors), it is crucial that anyone hoping to sell properties online establish a strong online presence by:

  • Learning about keywords
  • Learning about blogging and creating fresh content
  • Developing social media networks and tactics
  • Taking videos and making them go viral
  • Mastering email marketing


4. Create a Virtual Tour

As anyone who knows how to market properties will tell you, buyers love a good virtual tour, particularly one that’s filled with top notch images of your home. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be selling a million dollar home to create a virtual tour. In fact, most buyers now expect for homes of any price point to include a virtual tour online. Your virtual tour can be listed almost anywhere: on MLS, on an agent’s website, a routine posting on Craigslist, on Youtube, and on dedicated property websites and directories.


5. Don’t Forget the “For Sale” Sign

The buyers of today may be relying heavily on the internet when house hunting, but sellers should never forget the power of having a “For Sale” sign out front. Displaying a sign that clearly indicates that the home is for sale is a great way to immediately draw interest, especially if you’ve taken the time to do some professional landscaping and create some curb appeal.

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