Dressing for Success in the Real Estate Industry

Dressing for Success in the Real Estate Industry

Dressing for Success in the Real Estate Industry

It has been said that if you want the job, you have to look the part. This is particularly true when it comes to the real estate industry where agents and investors have to be taken seriously by clients and other agents in order to have a satisfying and successful career.

While there is no real estate professional dress code set in stone, there are some rules that will help guide you on how to dress for a real estate interview, while in the office or when out on a property. Below our are dressing for success tips that should be kept in mind when piecing together your next ensemble.

Real Estate Women’s Fashion Tips

Your goal is to present yourself as the right person to handle the purchase or the sale of a client’s property. Female real estate agents should choose fitted attire which creates a flattering silhouette and which is conservative in length (i.e. no mini skirts, low cut blouses, visible underwear or open-toed shoes).

Must-Have Pieces:

  • A skirt or pant suit (black, charcoal, or navy)

  • Conservative dress with a jacket

  • Slacks or dress skirt with a sweater or blouse and coordinating jacket

  • Closed-toe pumps

  • Flats

Showcase your personality through your choice of shirt, jacket and scarf colors and patterns. When meeting clients out in the field, wear closed-toe pumps with a heel. When in between meetings or for those days around the office, a pair of nice flats will keep you comfortable while still looking fashionable.

Additional Tips

Finish your look by keeping your makeup and jewelry simple, ensuring that your nails are well manicured, and have your hair touched up (if you color it) and styled. For perfume, choose a delicate scent such as Guerlain Shalimar.

Real Estate Fashion Men’s Tips

Business attire is a good rule to follow for men who want to make a great first impression with clients and investors. It is important to present yourself as being professional yet accessible, something of which you can do through the pieces you choose to wear.

Must-Have Pieces:

  • Well-tailored suit (black, charcoal or navy)

  • Dress slacks and jacket

  • Button down shirt

  • Tie

  • Dark socks

  • Dress shoes

You can show a bit of your personality through your choice of pocket square, cufflinks and socks. When in the office, you may be able to wear more casual attire such as chinos and a button down shirt, slacks, a dressy polo shirt and dress shoes. In the majority of situations jeans and sneakers are not acceptable, though keep an eye out and gauge what you can and cannot wear based on what other agents are wearing on a daily basis.

Additional Tips

Whether in the office or out on the field, arrive clean shaven and with your hair properly trimmed and styled (a trim the night before an auction or meeting is a good rule to live by). As for fragrance, choose something that is bold yet subtle such as Polo Red Extreme.  This is now my husband’s favorite cologne.  He loves it and I think its amazing.   The Black Coffee Essence with the warmth of the black ebony wood  makes for a high quality scent, perfect for a real estate agent looking to make a great impression, but not over power the room with his cologne. 

I received these products free or complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

The real estate industry is all about appearances. Your clothes tell your clients that they can trust your taste and your judgment. When it comes to real estate dress for success, stick to conservative pieces while giving glimpses of your personality through colors, fragrances and minimal accessories to make yourself more memorable, credible, and successful.

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