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Single Family Homes for Sale in Fairfax County VA

Neva Williamson Luxury Edition     New Listing 2234 WestMoreLand Street Fairfax, VA  $1.249 Million  New from the […]

How to Overcome Fear of Failure and Rejection

In my experience, this is the first—and perhaps the biggest—block for people. The fear of failure has been […]

5 Horrible Goal Setting Habits You Need to Stop

When a goal is set, we feel inspired, driven, and passionate about it.  But just when we start […]

Its Time – Blood Sweat & Goals Officially Released For Publishing

  Today Today my book Blood Sweat & Goals Finding Your Way as an Entrepreneur is officially released. […]

Full Time Job and Side Business: How to Handle Side Business Incoming Calls While at Your 9-5

Are you trying to start your real estate side business while being employed full-time or are you trying […]

how to sell your investment property fast

How to Sell Your Investment Property Fast

The housing market is on an impressive rebound in many areas throughout the country. In order to capitalize […]