Build Systems for Your Real Estate Business

Build Systems for Your Real Estate Business

Build Systems

It is important for anyone starting his or her own business to build systems. What I mean by “systems” are repeatable processes and guidelines for achieving your goals.

For example, in my real estate business, I have a process I go through to create my marketing. I have guidelines in place to ensure that my marketing is consistently done the same way, no matter who actually completes the task.

I work with a vendor and give them a set of guidelines: what zip codes they need to hit, what branding they need to follow, and exactly what day of the month my marketing materials need to go out. They just follow my system.

Similarly, I supply scripts to my assistant to train her, so she knows exactly what questions to ask when people call our office. She knows ahead of time that she needs to run comparable sales information on the houses before I speak to the client, so I already have a lot of information. This allows me to make decisions quickly. It is to the point now that we don’t even think about it.

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When you have systems set up, it ensures that you––and anyone you outsource–– know how to handle the given activity.

As a bonus, it gives you the leverage to scale up your business upon demand.

For example, if I had a big write-up in a magazine tomorrow, I would be prepared for the surge in calls to my office responding to my marketing ad. I would be able to do this because I already have scripts prepared and a management system in place.

You will only be successful if you can increase demand for your product or service and are then ready and able to handle the demand.

In this video I share with you four essentials you need to get when setting up your home office for success.


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  • Takeya Nimmons says:

    February 8, 2018 at 3:24 am

    I would purchase a printer. I just got my desk and other supplies.. that’s all I would need to get started. Thank you for your videos!

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